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Dreaming of owning the iconic 911, or one of the mid-engine 718 Boxster and Cayman models? Perhaps the sports car for four – the Panamera, or the sports cars of the SUV segment – the Cayenne and Macan?

Bringing the Porsche of your dreams into your garage can be as simple as the decision to get one. Whether this is your first Porsche vehicle or another prize in your collection, Porsche 360 Financing is here to help make your experience a seamless one.

We want to quickly get you on the road and behind the wheel of your new Porsche, where you both belong.

About 360 Financing

The dream of driving a Porsche, more specifically owning a Porsche, is much closer than you think.

With the intelligent Porsche 360 Financing program, flexibility is now in your hands when financing your new Porsche.

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Low monthly repayment

From a 36-month plan, up to a 60-month plan, and with a maximum loan of up to 90% of the vehicle value, you can enjoy up to 30% savings on your monthly repayment - compared to conventional financing.

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Assured Resale Value

With Porsche 360 Financing, your car’s future resale value is guaranteed regardless of the market conditions.

At the end of the financing term, you have 3 options to choose from: Upgrade to a new Porsche, Extend your Porsche ownership or Return your Porsche to us.

Option 1: Upgrade to a new Porsche - Regularly

Porsche 360 Financing is structured to accumulate a savings at the end of your loan tenure. This savings can be used as a deposit to upgrade to the next new Porsche.

You can now look forward to owning a brand new Porsche every 3 to 5 years.

Option 2: Extend your Porsche Ownership

Over time, you'll develop the love for your Porsche and you might wish to continue driving it – even after the end of your financing term.

You can simply pay the balance payment at the end of your loan tenure or refinance it for up to 9 years. Either way the vehicle is yours to own.

Option 3: Return your Porsche.

At the end of your financing term, you may return your Porsche to us - within allowable mileage and fair wear and tear, with no further obligation.

For further details on the Porsche Return Standards and Fair Wear and Tear Guideline, please contact your Porsche Centre.

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For further enquiries, please fill in the contact form or visit your nearest Porsche Centre.

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